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The Mystery of the Big Booger

Inspired from his own grandchildren’s games, “The Mystery of the Big Booger” (published by AuthorHouse), a juvenile fiction story by author David Michael Litwack, invites readers of all ages to go on a one-of-a-kind adventure with mischievous siblings as they wander the woods seeking the mysterious creature in Nose Cave in Nose Mountain.

Against their mother’s stern warnings and instructions, twins Simon and Schuster drag their big sister MaPetite and their exotic pet Dino as they escape from their house and try to find the terrifying Big Booger who lives in a cave in the woods. But is the infamous Big Booger really what the tales tell of him? And what will become of these daring children?

In addition to witty wordplay and humor used in this book, Litwack leaves readers with a lesson of sorts: “This could happen when you don’t listen to mom—big trouble compounded by a big misunderstanding!”

Amazon Reviews

“Super creative book! My kids love it. Great play on words throughout the book. Kids of all ages will love it. Parents will get a chuckle throughout the book, too. Excellent book — highly recommend!”

“Great book for young and ‘older’ alike. Great humor at both levels.”

“I love this book, first because its humor works both for adults (for example, it has twins named Simon and Schuster) and for children (for example, its title has “booger” in it), and second, because it is so interactive, providing dozens of opportunities for the reader and the read-to to point, talk, and laugh together. I bought it for my seven-month-old grandson, who is just beginning to like being read to; I expect to be reading it to him again and again.”