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The Mystery of the Big Booger

Inspired from his own grandchildren’s games, “The Mystery of the Big Booger” (published by AuthorHouse), a juvenile fiction story by author David Michael Litwack, invites readers of all ages to go on a one-of-a-kind adventure with mischievous siblings as they wander the woods seeking the mysterious creature in Nose Cave in Nose Mountain.

Against their mother’s stern warnings and instructions, twins Simon and Schuster drag their big sister MaPetite and their exotic pet Dino as they escape from their house and try to find the terrifying Big Booger who lives in a cave in the woods. But is the infamous Big Booger really what the tales tell of him? And what will become of these daring children?

In addition to witty wordplay and humor used in this book, Litwack leaves readers with a lesson of sorts: “This could happen when you don’t listen to mom—big trouble compounded by a big misunderstanding!”

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Land of the Sun, Land Without Light

1967. The Cold War drags on. A hot war becomes even hotter, trusting it to the patriotism of American youth. But Harrison Hamblin answers a different call. To honor his ideals, he joins the Peace Corps as a teacher. One who thinks that he knows a lot, but will learn that he knows very little.

The third world is choosing up sides and angling for aid. Countries will play both sides and manipulate the idealists. And local internecine warfare will carry on as proxies for the Cold War antagonists. So how could Harry’s efforts for peace and reconciliation lead to the death of friends and to tragedy and despair?

Land of the Sun is to a great extent a bildungsroman written by a narrator who writes in a humorous and self-deprecating style. Much of the drama (and humor) derives from intercultural differences and misunderstandings as well post colonial confusion. The cultural information is true and accurate. To a degree, The story is populated by a variety of tribesmen with their own cultural secrets as well as French, Soviet and American aid workers. Most importantly, the author has used the power of imagination and knowledge to inform, entertain, and captivate the reader—to create this unusual and sometimes even unbelievable story.


Land of the Sun _cover


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David Michael, Michael David (as Mother would have it—his parents couldn’t make up their minds) grew up on the Kansas/Missouri state-line. The tension deriving from his ambiguous naming and breeding location might explain the eclectic mix of folk, international, and country selections that he offers. He’s a wanna-be songwriter noted for, among others, Rock ‘n Roll Nation, El Wahid, and Leavin’ Sara Lee…or soon will be. In the meantime he writes kids’ books; he writes espionage novels; he writes technical stuff; and he romantically proffers his love only to Donna Lu.